TeamPlayer Notes – PUBG Player Unknowns Battlegrounds podcast episode 2


TeamPlayer Notes – PUBG Player Unknowns Battlegrounds podcast episode 2

Some thoughts on Squad tactics, although chicken dinner happen every now and then and often we go below 10 in duos I’m still learning this game and consider myself quite new at this.

Humbly sharing what’s been working great for us with the current version of the game.


This game is all about timing.

  • Do fast gear checks often. With practice they’re near instant timed right.
    If you do one and find you’ve got good loot very early in the game Its faster hunting other teams that are still in gathering mode, than running around looting yourself. They other teams have conveniently looted all and put it into small boxes for you. Time grabbing it well, it’s a perfect spot to get payback from another so don’t stand still on the crates. Time your grabbing of stuff and move on. Allocate roles beforehand so you know who will grab what.
  • time your shots, don’t shoot out without securing squad member being ready at the same target. Better to down one instantly than you “thinking you’ve got this” and having alerted another squad your presence and one is merely down.
  • Communication is essential, like in most games and most work you’ll ever do and for all the customers you will ever serve. Listen and Talk before you engange in action whenever possible.
  • Use those shooting at you for decoys if the timing is right instead of returning fire.
  • know what stage of the game you’re currently in. early or late makes huge difference in what choice is favourable
  • keep track of the circle. Its killed me more than anything. If there would me a villain in this game its my own inability to respect its boundaries before its upon us.
  • Noise important. Use it to cover your rush, beware other covers there. Is your fast transport worth the noise range?


“what you do to others, others do to you”

Envisioning things to others’ perspective goes a long way. If you think that you’re just going to move to that position because its gives you something, remember someone else might have had that thought first. This is also great for your customers, its great practicing seeing things from their perspective, not just your own.


  • who’s the mule of gas, bandages, boosts, extra ammo.
    I’m not our best shot, and happily play medic in other game so I’m happy to be the mule in this game sharing my loot with those that need it WHEN they need it so they can focus on their role and fast actions in loot and share situations.
  • time priorities
  • knowing if we are in the start, middle or the end of the game? Communicate, remind  – then choose tactics accordingly
  • players who prefer a certain position, should get the gear accordingly. Who’s the best sniper? Ensure they have the max effect at their peak range. Dont keep gear others can use now hoping you will eventually max out yourself.
  • use their top skills with what their best at. Learn to see it in others and you’ll go great in life.


As a leader, give a direction

  • if you are directionless, you are losing time
  • assign a backup when you’re landing – before you need it so you can re-decide quickly if it’s about to get occupied in a way you don’t want to engage.
    -mark 2nd objective ahead of time so you can redirect without talking about it
  • there should be a driver that focus on the driving and a primary marker that marks where the driver should head “next” not just where the end of the road is (thus that should be the secondary marker that marks the final destination where we get off on the map)
  • communicate: are we relocating? are we holding? Are we using items?
  • hunt for those you are unaware of, not those you are aware of
  • listen for sounds: footsteps, a car, etc.


there are entities who you could shoot you from other sides, apart from the player (possibly a decoy) you are shooting at. Be aware of your surroundings before any shot, you are opening up for  others to engage with you.

-9 out of 10 times, the loot crate might be a trap.

-if you wait patiently, the loot will come to you


all in all,

  • allocate responsibilities
  • dedicate who should be the combat-oriented players (make sure they have the best stuff)
  • ensure that they are good at long-ranges (give them scopes)
  • dedicate someone as a leader to:

– communicate gear shares, on fast dedicated spots, not all the time unless its gear you cant carry.

– communicate directions so you don’t lose time

-have a mule as a support

-drop mods where they are not easily found by people. Especially that sniper sight if you’re downed and unable to make it to your friends so its not used against them.

-hide mods by dropping them in high grass or similar when downed so they’re not used against your friends.

Equally important in all aspects of your life.

  • Training yourself to see from other peoples’ perspective.
  • embrace your strength, we’re all individuals don’t play where you are weak, play where you are strong and know where your friends are stronger than you.
  • play with people you know so you know each others’ responsibilities
  • consider what’s best for the best the squad. Don’t be selfish planning to max out your own gear handicapping the teams effect.
  • learn to see other people’s potential and praise them. Very effective behaviour anywhere.