Player Unknown Battlegrounds PUBG – supporting your squad, eating great dinner


Player Unknown Battlegrounds PUBG
– supporting your squad, eating great dinner

I prefer support or medic classes and there aren’t any in this game.
Yet when we play, a bunch of real-life friends we naturally take on different roles mostly depending on the random look found, but it’s very apparent that we appreciate using what we’ve got for very different playstyle.

That’s why it’s so important to call out what you’ve found, both that you can’t use yourself and that you only pickup temporary until you find what you’re actually hoping to find. Thus will drop it at the location of your levelup find, where your friend can collect it. Or like we often do, switch. If one of us is expert on long-range I’d rather she has my gear, and I whatever than we both have something we’d call “whatever” – we as a team will be way more effective. It’s exactly like this in real life as well. Don’t Hog resources that you think someone else will yield a better effect from than yourself.

We often share mods and boosts in a quick group pile one or more times during a match.
It helps a lot. Boosts double your health, and upgrades does as well.

Communication is always important, but in this game this also contain more gear than usual.
Especially important call-outs are loot you can’t carry, for your team-mates, like a level2/3 helmet. If you’re not close use a map-marker and tell your friend to let you know once they got it or find it somewhere else so you can remove it asap. Dropping a marker is VERY quick versus the effect if will have on your success-rate.

Call out the compass in your numbers, 210 my facing for example. And if its short or long if you have no other visuals to go on. Don’t underestimate how different your message will appear for your recipient, just like that email you’ll send at work. Start with the requested action in the first sentence than add with enough details to get it done. Be aware that they have other things top of mind, just like ingame your team mates that had a calm time a second ago, most likely just now is locked in combat focusing on THEIR own actions. Likewise dont call out left or right, not from you not from your team-mates, since lag and other things might mean your great gift of they’re left of you, will arrive a second to late making your team-mate face the wrong way, cause from her they’re now North so she she just turned her back on them thanks to your help.

Calling out “she’s behind the house” will create way less powerful actions than I’m initiating combat now on my target who’s on top of the roof, north side, in the blue 3 story building.. on this roof there is 3 players in total. This might feel like a lot to say but the effect is great too. And this sentence can be shortened in many ways. Take before the combat with your real-life friends how you want to communicate.

Doesn’t matter with you alone comming up with a structure that no-one but you uses. Just like at work. It’s what people DO based on what you say that matters, not what you said. Or who was right.

Perhaps say “3 people behind the wall we parked out car at, North side of the wall from me. I’m NOT engaging but keeping them under sight. They appear to be running east for the houses/car/etc”

Use V and Q to get a good look without being visible yourself.

Summarizing the most important. Calling out what you see using compass, not relative you. Calling out how many you see, if they’re a squad or fighting among yourself. Call out that you’re shooting, so your friends know it’s you taking the initiative not them when they hear shots etc.

Psychology is my biggest part of this game.
• Use your head when you play the game. It’s extremely easy to get carried away with your own wins, but you don’t win until your team is the last one standing. Doesn’t matter if you had a good run and someone else got your loot
• Call out when you’re downed, usually your friends are pre-occupied at that points so remain quiet leaving space for observations but do call out, sometimes repeatedly, also inform ahead where you will move to make it easier for others to cover while helping you so they’re not running to your location but instead to the tree with the rock at the base directly.
• follow the downed since it’s a beacon of incoming. If the “healer” is already hiding behind the tree when you get there – That’s great. Remember to call out where you WILL be heading so they can get there before you, otherwise its kind of obvious that someone WILL run to you behind that only tree in the open landscape.
• Likewise when running away, say from the blue wall AND a sniper. A doorway is an way to die since you’re making it easy to predict where your head will be soon.
• Current version of the game spawn cars facing east, so if its easy, ensure you stop yours in that direction before jumping out.

Use tricks like when we’re moving out of the blue wall my teammate got shot at while the rest of us what not was not so while we ran for cover in a house opened the door and ran in providing cover fire but recommended her to detour around the house corner. Opening that door could be the thing that made them “predict” where she would be, thus hoping to ensure a headshot instead of playing on the chance hit.
I don’t’ know that’s what saved her. (That they invested their precious second with having the crosshair over the door) but perhaps. Its often it’s worked for us predicting where they’ll be in a few seconds. Its important to communicate to your team why you’re doing what you’re doing so they dont fall into the trap you’re creating for others. Exacly like that with your co-workers as well. dont assume they understand why behind a great idea you have. help them see how they could help so they dont hinder the process while trying to be helpful.
• Dont fear the red zone so much. You’ll spot others running away from it its safe INSIDE houses but I’ve had friends died close to windows and I got scared out of my mind myself once when I was in a room with all windows going off all at once.
• Also the blue wall is your friend early on. With some buffs you can easily jog around in it hunting those fearing it, running blindly. The next wave is costly but doable, after that it’s game over fast if you’re allowing yourself to be surprised by it.
• I’m rather lousy shooting in this game. This game is ALL psychology for me. We often get to <10 players and a small circle without me having any kills whatsoever, usually a few downs though with my friend hitting bitter. I’ve often made <4 players with zero kills. And been the lone standing player with Chicken Dinner message a couple of times, although its mostly my team winning, with me lost around there <10 players. I’m saying this so you know you don’t have to be great at the traditional Player Shooter game to do great in this game.
• Its unbelievable how often we tell ourself we should slow down and waited before jumping on someone. We think we’ve got it when in fact it cost us way more than we thought it would. A sitting duck does not guarantee a win if you don’t think it through. Don’t get eager. This game benefit the combo of patience, strategy and well timed initiative.

Dont make it easy. Zig Zag whenever you’re not autorunning and using ALT to look around you. its free

In this game, since it’s a lot of stealth involved it really pays of lowering the volume of your friend Zoom, Skype or Discord so you can clearly hear the game. I lift my headset up onto my head when the game starts so I don’t have to heard the airplane engine roar. And we all jump on a count of three that is still audible.

if you’re downed and know you cant get to your team-mates. Drop your sights in the grass while you’re moving away. Then continue with other stuff that won’t be easy to find… so when they get your crate, it will be less stuff to use against your friends. Everything you do will make a difference.. Especially if they start by using your First Aid kit that you didn’t get time to use and then drink your boosts. Then they’re better off than before you saw them even if you hit them a couple of times

Talk about the map with your real-life friends, while looking at the map over a coffe or similar. or in game. Use external help while parachuting. If you’re having multiple monitors lookup maps for cars and better loot areas and have them available for better strategic decisions quickly there.
if not just dump the two images on your phone so you can look at them when in the plane.
Cars really help, also look for them when about to land so you know where they are. For yourself or using as a honeypot