Battlefield 1: How to Play the Game Like a Medic Ninja


Battlefield 1: How to Play the Game Like a Medic Ninja


Thoughts about Battlefield 1: a fast-paced and interactive game that does not only challenges your survival skills but your strategic skills as well. I have also mentioned a few tips on how you can enjoy the game more based on how you play it.

“When everyone goes right, go left.”

I am going to share some tips and tricks when playing Battlefield 1. I find it as an easy, fun, and fast paced game. I also love how interactive this game is which gave me more freedom of finding a strategy with my team. This game is not just about flanking the enemies. It lets you utilize everything that you can find in the map to survive and overcome the enemies.

A few tips:
• Communication is everything. Use the compass to call out directions. Utilize anything that is unique (e.g. exotic building),
• It pays off when you do something different. It’s more fun when you take the lead and find new strategies. This game feels a lot like most players do the same thing over and over. Different is usually very successful.
• There are breached walls all over the maps, climb it.
• Don’t under estimate using the Syringe in close combat style.

Battlefield Medic Insights:
• Mandragon Ironsight shoots farther than you think.
• Switch role often. If you think you will more likely die, then go for assault or all tank fighter when needed. If you think you’ll remove the tank and survive. Switch to your rifle-grenade outfit instead. Less powerful heals but you’ll keep helping your team until next time your respawn. Play the game in the playstyle and class you favor, but being open to switch will help your team win the game faster.
• Medic is essential in holding a fort, play it safe. Hide aware for ninja-fast ins and outs to resurrect is sometimes helpful. They’ll be looking for you.

Finding your game.
Figure out the way YOU enjoy the game more. If you like advancing more, then find a team that will support you while you are advancing. Have your support in the second line to cover you.